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Surface Film is a fundraising event that showcases the work of some of the best established—as well as new—flyfishing photographers in the country. The event was held last week at Anthology Fine Art here in Denver, Colorado. If you don't live in or around the Mile High City or happened to miss the event, here's a recap.


The Greenbacks is a group of anglers whose goal is to make conservation fun and engaging, while promoting and protecting cold-water fisheries. Their primary mission is to engage and recruit members for the next generation of Trout Unlimited. Surface Film is their chance to highlight stunning flyfishing photography, raising money for efforts in the flyfishing community.

"I think the buzz before the show was much louder this year thanks to friends, such as The Drake, Trout's Fly Fishing, and fishpond, spreading the news," said Kyle Perkins, a Greenbacks member and event organizer. "We definitely saw an increase in interest and new faces this year, but we've always packed Anthology of Fine Art for this event. It's one of our favorites. I was really proud to see more industry leaders and more photographers in attendance this year."

Photographers who donated their work and were on hand included: Alex Landeen, Matt Jones, Tim Romano, Copi Vojta, Josh Duplechian, Mark Lance, Johhny LeCoq, and Russ Schnitzer.

copi.landeen crowd

"From a purely photo perspective I think the show is evolving," said Tim Romano, who is a member of the Greenbacks and also an event organizer. "While we have always featured images from some of the best in the business, there were some new comers on the scene this year that people might not have heard of. Very talented photographers had images including Nate Luke, Eric Warner and Austin Trayser."

There was no doubt, people like what they saw.

bugsI took a gamble, too, this year on some fairly esoteric images and paired extended captions with them on the wall," said Romano. "This is something we hadn't done in the past and it seemed to work really well. While most in the fishing scene might have instantly understood what was going on in the photos, many people looking in from the outside might not be so sure. We don't want to alienate people, but rather the opposite. So while an image might speak to a non-angler, having that little bit of background info really seemed to help tell the story."

In addition to great photographers, the most powerful and influential intern the Drake Magazine has ever employed was also in attendance.

intern photo-59

Upslope Brewery was handing out free beers and the evening stretched well into the wee hours.


Overall the event was a success, with money raised that will help Colorado Trout Unlimited raise awareness about issues that impact fishing in Colorado—not to mention a great excuse to hang out with your fishing buddies in February.


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