Daily Drake

From Tight Loops, the flyfishing collective with a soft spot for old Volkswagens, Northern Exposure follows Chase and Aimee Bartee as they chase a phantom cicada hatch on Maryland's Savage River and then reconnect with their Northeastern roots. "Don't expect to see any geotags of these rivers on Instagram, the folks up there keep it pretty close to the chest, but if you make the effort and earn your stripes, I guarantee you’ll be put on a 3+ pound, wild Maine squaretail in no time. The only question is; how the hell are we going to top that?"

Facing ripping winds and tarpon of the hard to find variety, podium experience proved to be the key ingredient for top anglers grinding it out at the 54th Annual Invitational Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament in Islamorada, Florida, with the three winning teams having all been past Grand Champions.


FishViews, a startup based in Wimberly, Texas, is adding new features to your summer “river float” plans—providing anglers, rafters, government agencies, and conservation organizations with interactive 360-degree digital maps of a growing list of American and worldwide waterways. Similar to the Google Street View platform you use to spy on your neighbors, the technology allows anglers to scout and navigate entire river systems from the comfort of a recliner. No PFDs required.

This week, Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC) will shift back into courtroom mode, once again arguing for a favorable conclusion to the longstanding legal wranglings over constitutionally-bound public fishing access rights in the Beehive State.

The Henry’s Fork Foundation was formed in 1983 by a group of visionaries who knew good fishing when they saw it and then decided to swaddle it from future threats. Today, this section of the eastern Idaho’s upper Snake courses through mostly private land, but in part thanks to the HFF, working with landowners, agencies, irrigators, and other partners to improve and maintain river health and access, the watershed remains a trouty utopia—now stirring with stoneflies (just winding down) and green drakes (next in line).

Steelheading for most flyfishers is a condensed, two season hustle. We hit pause on the daily grind and shoehorn in a couple weeks to fish peak runs of the "summer" or "winter" variety. But once upon a time of steelhead abundance, the windows were wider. And pulling on an ocean-fresh chromer every month of the year wasn't beyond the realm of possibility. Terry Myers, a 60-year-old steelhead advocate and Idaho-based angler, spent 2015-2016 on a restorative quest to overcome declining odds and do just that. After hooking a wild steelhead in all but two months, she set sights on finding the last two fish to complete her goal. This is her story.

Maine Striper School

Big brook trout and landlocked Atlantic salmon get all the press in Maine, but there’s an underappreciated striped bass fishery in the easternmost state. So before you load your drift boat and head inland, consider expanding your angling opportunities this spring by attending Striper School.

There are a few ways to see and swing northern British Columbia's legendary Babine River this fall. And while most of them involve a mortgage-size down payment followed by a heli ride to your majestic riverside digs, there's now a glimmer of hope for the budget-oriented dirtbags in the crowd—assuming we can scrounge up a hundred bucks for a raffle ticket and a good cause.