Survive the Sound could be the title of the next big, hipster music festival. But luckily for all of us, it’s not. Seattle, WA-based non-profit Long Live the Kings has created Survive the Sound, an online game, as an educational tool to raise awareness for migrating steelhead in Puget Sound.

To participate, simply create a team with your friends, sponsor an existing team, or endorse an individual, digital "fish." Then get ready for the oceanic version of Oregon Trail, where steelhead get sea lice instead of cholera. The migration begins May 7 and goes for 12 days. Players can track their fish online to see how far it swam (and to pray it didn’t get hacked by a Russian bot). Migration patterns are based on real steelhead smolt journeys from the Nisqually and Skokomish rivers tracked in 2017.

Prizes include a rod and reel package from Sage. All proceeds go to steelhead restoration and education efforts. Registration is open until May 6. Sign up at


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