Four Seasons Fly Shoppe interiorFour Seasons Fly Shoppe in LaGrande, Oregon, represents everything I love about the Eastern half of my home state. The entire region exposes much of western Montana as the playground for hobby-ranching Hollywood types that it has become. If you want to see a landscape dripping with old-school authenticity, then consider Enterprise, not Ennis.

These photos pretty much tell the story: If you want Simms waders, you’ve gotta walk around the baddest-ass looking leaf-blower slash lawn mower I’ve ever laid eyes on. And if you want to touch an Orvis rod, fine—but hands off the hedge-trimmer.

Four Seasons Fly Shoppe interior

Don’t let the moonlighting appearance fool you. If you’re looking to fish the Wallowa or the Grande Ronde or anything else in Northeastern Oregon, the men at Four Seasons Fly Shoppe will get you dialed in. And if you happen to need a good weed-whacker while you’re at it, then all the better.

Grande Ronde

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