WOODLAND, Wash. USA - 4/09 — Allowing it to focus its staff and manufacturing facilities on its globally expanding finished fishing rod business, G.Loomis has decided to exit custom rod blank production by the end of 2009, announces Bruce Holt, executive director at G.Loomis.

"This is a very difficult decision for all of us here at G.Loomis, especially since making custom rod blanks for steelhead anglers was how we got our start as a fishing tackle company back in the '80's," Holt said. "While we realize there's an avid following among custom rod makers for our blanks, the growth we've experienced on a worldwide basis for our finished rods – and especially our fly rods with both fly tackle dealers in the U.S. and abroad - makes this the right decision and direction for our business success in the future."

Making this announcement now allows our current rod blank customers plenty of lead-time to adjust inventories and make plans for their 2010 business in terms of yearly catalog and web site changes, Holt notes.

During this slowdown in the economy, Holt notes that G.Loomis has reinvested in quality training and production upgrades at its Woodland, Wash. facility, and will continue to strive for improvements in all areas of the company. "Our production plans include manufacturing custom rod blanks through the end of 2009, and then our complete focus will be on finished rods," said Holt. "Our efforts at the plant over the past few months and this decision to exit the custom blank business prepares us well for when the global economy rebounds."

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