2018 Drake Video Awards

They Came, They Sweated, They Conquered

The 2018 Video Awards brought the party to the Rosen Plaza, Orlando, with another big night of cold beers, live music, and brilliant films. And while Central Florida simmered outside, it was a similarly heated story inside, where the year’s best movies slugged it out for top honors. If you missed the action, fear not. Kick back and watch the winners here.

2017 Drake Video Awards

Dude, Where’s My Drake Award?

2016 Drake Video Awards

Dude, Where’s My Drake Award?

The Flyfishing Video Awards is a wrap. But the after party goes well beyond one night in Orlando. So pour a round of White Russians and plunk yourselves, here—where you’ll find all the award-winning films that made this year’s 10th Anniversary showdown a must-see.

2015 Drake Video Awards

Year’s Best Flyfishing Videos, 2015

With a photo-finish race for Reader’s Choice and a stacked lineup of submissions from the industry’s leading filmmakers, the 9th Anniversary Drake Video Awards at Orlando’s Rosen Centre Hotel was a spectacle for the ages—at least for those who dig fish porn, great cinematic storytelling, beer, and giveaways.

If you missed the big event, don’t fret. See the films that reigned supreme, right here.

2014 Drake Video Awards

The Best of the Best Just Got Better

With thousands of votes tallied for Reader’s Choice nominees and a bevy of knockout films from the industry’s best, the 9th Annual Drake Video Awards' showdown in Orlando went down as a night to remember.

If you missed the big event, all is not lost. See the films that reigned supreme and behold the progression of flyfishing filmmaking, 2014 edition.

2013 Drake Video Awards

The 6th Annual Drake Flyfishing Video Awards concluded last week and in the aftermath of a BIG, Big Easy night the chosen ones have surfaced.

Click the videos below and catch all the 5-minute action, including the complete compendium of this year’s winners exclusively at drakemag.com.

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Enter to Win

Britt Newsome
Alton Fisher, Bill Mastre, Danny Scarborough, Dwight Humphrey, Edward Perry, Gary Kurtz, Grant Domke, Jeff Drake, John Sellars, Kue Vang, Larry Grewell, Matt Miller, Matt Celli, Robert Jeffries, Rustin Scherer, Scott Rubio
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