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Re: Paying My Dues (and respect)

 by Bad Fish ¦  Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:14 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Paying My Dues (and respect) ¦  Replies: 13 ¦  Views: 3002

Redchaser wrote:Nice fish,

That's a crazy looking fly, what is it?
Don't know if it has a name yet. My friend ties up seriously HUGE funky articulated shit, this is actually one of his smaller bugs.

Re: Paying My Dues (and respect)

 by Bad Fish ¦  Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:17 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Paying My Dues (and respect) ¦  Replies: 13 ¦  Views: 3002

eponymous wrote:and .....a dookie..... :vomit

What is up with that? Isn't there another thread that is more appropriate than this one which is otherwise mighty fine?
Best Jerky inthe west. Check out Restvedt Meat Shop in Ennis, it's awesome stuff. This was actually bison because the beef was in the smoker.

Paying My Dues (and respect)

 by Bad Fish ¦  Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:44 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Paying My Dues (and respect) ¦  Replies: 13 ¦  Views: 3002

[report]Was on the hunt for Salmonflies today............ For starters, Mother Love Bone m Secondly, Cracked Windshield For Outcast (CWFO) [img][/img] Gearing up, looks like a kick ass day after all the wind and rain lately. [im...

Re: Fishheadlarry

 by Bad Fish ¦  Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:13 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Fishheadlarry ¦  Replies: 62 ¦  Views: 6053

CharlieJenkem wrote:Was it
Moderate this. :bullshit
That's weak sauce. A feeble attempt on your part. At lease Belly contradicted himself.

Red Humpy, that's a great idea about doing some type of decal to help raise money for Sage's educational fund. Good work.

Re: Fishheadlarry

 by Bad Fish ¦  Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:00 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Fishheadlarry ¦  Replies: 62 ¦  Views: 6053

The owners of this forum badly need to appoint a Moderator or two, ASAP. It’s large enough that just letting the members run free and try to moderate themselves without any actual Moderator abilities is obviously not working out very well. On any other forum a post like DickHeadLarry’s would have be...

Re: Attitude

 by Bad Fish ¦  Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:08 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Attitude ¦  Replies: 301 ¦  Views: 44780

Saw this on CL a while back, don't know if this is his boat or not but it might help the family out if it is -

Re: Attitude

 by Bad Fish ¦  Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:13 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Attitude ¦  Replies: 301 ¦  Views: 44780

Read the beginning of this tread a few days ago, decided to take another peek and like a slap in the face I read Outcast's obituary on the MTSandard's site. I haven't been on this board very long but ALWAYS enjoyed Outcast's posts. He was one funny dude. I'm saying screw it and loading up the dog, m...

Re: Unlimited Grass Growing Thread

 by Bad Fish ¦  Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:49 am ¦  Forum: Bitching Room for Whiny People Who Bore Us to Tears ¦  Topic: Unlimited Grass Growing Thread ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 2373

Lakes are for the birds............and Powerbait.

Re: Employers going too far?

 by Bad Fish ¦  Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:35 pm ¦  Forum: Bitching Room for Whiny People Who Bore Us to Tears ¦  Topic: Employers going too far? ¦  Replies: 6 ¦  Views: 2098

They did an "emergency" change to their applicant process today. Yesterday on the news the city manager was all giggles while sitting in his high-backed leather chair wearing a nice weekend golf outfit, today he was behind a podium all suited up. They got some serious heat from the ACLU and news med...

Re: Bat to the face...

 by Bad Fish ¦  Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:31 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Bat to the face... ¦  Replies: 17 ¦  Views: 2904

Ouch. That guy deserves a DQ ice cream cone.

Re: UNLIMITED youtube links thread

 by Bad Fish ¦  Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:15 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: UNLIMITED youtube links thread ¦  Replies: 278 ¦  Views: 16708

26 pages, bite me if this is a repost. F'n funny vid though.

YouTube link

Re: Wanted: Carolina Skiff

 by Bad Fish ¦  Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:27 pm ¦  Forum: Classifieds ¦  Topic: Wanted: Carolina Skiff ¦  Replies: 12 ¦  Views: 3068

Anywho, he decided that it would be a good idea to pull up to a sand bar pretty far out into the lake (far enough that no one would be able to see him from shore w/out binoculars) to have lunch. He didnt realize that there was a sharp drop off from the shore of it, and when he pulled up, the breake...

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Wrong thread for newb fuckery, Fanny.

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