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 by Stovetop ¦  Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:06 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: UNLIMITED MOTIVATIONAL POSTER THREAD ¦  Replies: 550 ¦  Views: 165171

Mad_Mike wrote:
Kylemc wrote:
Ramcatt wrote::cool

you owe me a keyboard...

HAHAHAHAH!! that shit made laugh...
I wonder what those two had for breakfast this morning.


Re: as we're spammed I might as well make a confession

 by Stovetop ¦  Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:15 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: as we're spammed I might as well make a confession ¦  Replies: 67 ¦  Views: 11201

Ty Webb wrote:Image
HA ha....She's 18, right?


Re: Best AD Ever...

 by Stovetop ¦  Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:41 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Best AD Ever... ¦  Replies: 8 ¦  Views: 2491

Thanks Thalweg. Made my day. That's right, it doesn't take much. :cool

Re: as we're spammed I might as well make a confession

 by Stovetop ¦  Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:08 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: as we're spammed I might as well make a confession ¦  Replies: 67 ¦  Views: 11201

Emma Watson here. That dirty little hogwart.

Dinks, Diversity and Lita Ford

 by Stovetop ¦  Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:03 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Dinks, Diversity and Lita Ford ¦  Replies: 14 ¦  Views: 2826

Drug my ass out of bed at 9:30 on Sunday morning, loaded the boat and went to the store to get some smokes. Radio at the store was playing Lita Ford, "I went to a party last Saturday night. Didn't get laid, I got in a fight. UH HUH. It ain't no big thing." Fuckn great. Now I'll have that shit bangin...

Re: Another FNG

 by Stovetop ¦  Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:28 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Another FNG ¦  Replies: 30 ¦  Views: 4030

Hell, I thought it was (mostly) just fine. Dandy fishes. Nice boobs. Welcome aboard. BTW, what is it you got cookin' in that pot? That's some dutch oven peach and raspberry cobbler. Thanks for the welcome all. Cereva..... I posted this striper on a different board trying to figure out if it was a h...

Re: Another FNG

 by Stovetop ¦  Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:45 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Another FNG ¦  Replies: 30 ¦  Views: 4030

Nice post and A across the board, don't worry about some idiots on here it's a love/hate relationship! Been on here for years but I change my name every few months to laugh at a few.... I'm callin bullshit. I agree...bullshit...That's pretty fucked up if you change your name every few months to lau...

Re: Another FNG

 by Stovetop ¦  Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:39 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Another FNG ¦  Replies: 30 ¦  Views: 4030

Tweg, you know I'ld never hotspot. About the closest I'll ever come to hotspotting those fish is to say I live near these crazy bastards



Re: Another FNG

 by Stovetop ¦  Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:36 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Another FNG ¦  Replies: 30 ¦  Views: 4030

Why shit, that was easy. Thanks Ty

I'll work on the avatar. At my rate of speed, I'll get it changed around Thanksgiving

Re: Another FNG

 by Stovetop ¦  Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:04 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Another FNG ¦  Replies: 30 ¦  Views: 4030

Yeah, fuck. I know the pictures are fucking miniscule I'm kinda like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer when it comes to cyphering out some of this computer shite. I've got two computers in the office...the first one will copy the IMG from Photobucket but I don't get an option to paste it in the Upload Attachm...

Another FNG

 by Stovetop ¦  Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:08 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Another FNG ¦  Replies: 30 ¦  Views: 4030

Word of mouth from a buddy turned me towards The Drake. This site spoils a man. I've had some very unproductive days because of you douche bags (including today). Needless to say, the photos and stories you guys provide from N.E.W.S. are phenomenal. They take me a long ways away from the midwest. I'...

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