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By Salty
Uh, dude? What were they feeding this dog?
I didn't mean "ass grunts" I meant "funny-ass" grunts, but when he does make an "ass grunt" it stinks up the whole damn house, LOL :coffee:
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By flyfisheraa573
A border collie, Bridger, that my wife and I adopted in Jackson, Wy. He is crashing at my parents place right now till we get out of this damn apartment. But here at the apartment an english bulldog named sUGAr (and yes it is spelled like that with the caps in the middle), and my wife has an Italian Greyhound (the small ones) named Madge.

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By bcmercer
I've got three labs. Black: Sadie (she's the crazy one. I thought they were supposed to calm down when they turned 3, she's 6 and still wired for sound.) Chocolate: Jackson (he's the perfect old man's dog, laid back and just don't give a shit bout nothing.) Yellow: Cooper (he's the spoiled baby of the bunch, whines a like a little bitch when he doesn't get his way, but hey, he does pretty darn good in a drift boat!!)BC
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By slavetotheflyrod
I've had two dogs now named for fishing/hunting activities. First was Trigger the German Shorthair, and my current dog Shogun, named after a boat I used to deckhand on out of Point Loma.
By DayTripper
gonna have a pup in the house sometime in October (parents tied up twice yesterday) and need a good name bump

We've got pick of the litter- labradoodle- and will probably take a female. The wife likes Penny Lane( :cheer ), but is open to other names if I can find something good.
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By Pelhament
I have a black lab. I wanted to give her a fishy name but it seems like everyone was naming their dog Sage, Loomis, Winston or something along those lines so I tried to get a little creative. I picked the Native American name, Malila, which means Salmon runs fast upriver. No one can say it right though, so we just call her Lila.
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By Bobwhite
'Had a Gordon Setter (Scottish) named, "Mac"... short for Smokey Macallan. Best damned ptarmigan findin' machine above the tree line.
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By gill raker
My dog, a GSP, is named Egan after a local mountain range.

The 2 cats are Winston and Redington.....
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By markdb
Our family dog's name is Apollo, mostly yellow lab and mixed with something. That was his rescue name and the kids didn't come up with anything better so we kept it. Our previous chocolate lab was name Kenai.
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By Redfooted Mule
My Bloodhound's name is Ruga (mainly used as a medical term that means wrinkle or crease)

She weighs 143 pounds

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By Springfed
Buying a chocolate lab this summer...his name will be Barley.
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By Streamer

I'm Tucker. I live in Streamer's house. This is a picture of me after I ate a whole bag of marshmellows. Or flour. Or hot dog buns. Or something else.

I'm also depressed because Nemo didn't send me a hoodie to chew up sleep on wear.

I was named after Streamer's buddy from a long time ago. He must have been a that a biscuit you got there? Dang! I love biscuits! They don't have to be cooked even. I ate a whole can one time. Please? Just a bite?

Yer Hound and Lab Mixed Pal,
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