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By ChildBride
SOBF wrote:How the fuck to you ruin a Drake thread?
Hon, ask and y'all shall receive.
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By trouthound
Shit, finally a post I can follow,
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By Mexico
How do they keep you from diving into the vats?...
I recently had a bottle of Pappy van Winkle's 20 Year Family Reserve that was the best bourbon I've ever had, hands down.
One of my cooking mags recommended the Pappy. Hadn't heard of it but nice to hear a first hand report.
It was the 20 that was recommended. Still a big fan of Bookers ,but I'll give the 20 yr Pappy's a try.
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By Lenny
Call me stoopid, but Im pretty damn happy with the 24 oz Beam n Ginger I just poured :cool :cool
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By El General
The high levels of Pappy's and Rip Van Winkle's are the finest bourbons made. That said, the family bourbon is WL Weller.
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By Kyner
I just like me some Jim Beam. The new Black is really smooth. It's nice to drink all that fancy stuff when someone else is buying, haha
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