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By T.J. Brayshaw
I like bourbon as much as I like the other whiskies, but the thing about bourbon is that the variation among them is so much less than that among, say, the Scotch whiskies that I'm sort of amazed it has taken off like this. I will spend a lot more money on a Scotch whisky than a bourbon, not because I like Scotch more but just because often I know it's going to be very different from what I currently have at home so it will round out the collection nicely. When I have spent more on bourbons, I end up thinking "Yeah, that's tasty but not five times more tasty, or different, from what I can get in a square bottle with a black label for $13."

I just wonder if we're going to start seeing some pretty wild versions of "bourbon" - seems the only way the market could support so many distillers all making the same basic spirit.
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By ironman
Bulleit in my local, is close to $35. Its good, but 4 Roses Single & Evan Single is $28. I guess the diff pays for my Whorvis Super Snap leaders.

A friend from down under brought a Tasmanian Scotch. I suppose it should be granted a proper taste.
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By fatman
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By fatman

relates: Much like me, after this exchange Raylan proceeds to get his ass kicked...
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By nicklenuts
James wrote:
SOBF wrote:Bulleit 10 year is REAL FUCKING GOOD
Hell yes.

I can't decide what I like better, Bulleit 10 or the Balvenie 12. Good problem to have
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By 2weight
1. Jack Daniel's is bourbon.
Correct. Jack Daniel's is Tennessee Whiskey. Same basic mash bill but passed through charcoal.
2. All bourbon is made in Kentucky.
Sure, you can make bourbon elsewhere, but why? They're making "good" bourbon in Texas, but you can't tell me that somebody outside of Austin is replicating the natural temperature variations that they get in Kentucky.
3. Older bourbon is better.
Usually, but not always. Older bourbon is *generally* not as alcohol "hot" as a younger variety.
4. You can't add ice and mixers.
I like an Old Fashioned, but I'm not using anything more expensive than Beam to make it.
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