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By Lenny
BigCliff wrote:
Lenny wrote:Call me stoopid, but Im pretty damn happy with the 24 oz Beam n Ginger I just poured :cool :cool
Help me out here: big fan of both ingredients, but not the combo. What's wrong?

2nd Q: should I give up on finding something better than Knob Creek at its price?
Used to mix with Cola, but cant drink it anymore. I find it is a nice combo.

Crown and Water is also nice.

Makers is very nice also
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By Mexico
Outcast wrote:
The difference is that they don't know how to make a good mash in Tennessee.
Fuck...Walks over to cabinet...Pours out bottle of George Dickle...Pouts...
By No Idea
El General wrote:The high levels of Pappy's and Rip Van Winkle's are the finest bourbons made. That said, the family bourbon is WL Weller.

Damn, I recall cussing at you at one point El Colonel. hat in my hand. You just described my cabinet. WL Weller, Antique Weller, RVW 10, PVW...all good stuff. There's some of the good doctors brand for the coke mixing guests that show up.

The knob creek question, not real likely it can be bested for the $, JB Black is close, spend $5 more and you can get the bottom end of Rip Van Winkle 10 yr old, and it's probably worth the extra cash.

Not much on Makers, Bulleit, or Woodford, won't turn em down, just don't go asking for em...heartburn and headache.

used to be quality in a bottle of WT 101, back when it was 8 yrs old Old #8 recipe, they screwed that up purty good. Jimmy's reserve is too expensive for what it is and he won't admit that he used to package good aged bourbon, screw him...

they quit aging Evan Williams too, screwed it up good...

They decided to increase the cost of Old Charter 10, then dropped the 12 (which sucked) and used the barrels for 10, now they are running out, they screwed it up pretty well...(not from their view I am sure, they make more money)

But Weller remains.

Bookers at $40 bucks is a steal MattB, bet browndog is buying it all up, they need that kinda price for the ice storm crews. Jefferson is a decent taste on occasion, don't they make two, regular and reserve? I think I enjoyed the reserve..

send that TN white label George north to Ky, I'll drink it, keep the black label...

To qoute Fred Noe who was quoting his dad at a dinner one night..."Hell I don't care what people mix my bourbon with, if someone wants a Booker's and Coke, it proves they want the best damn bourbon and coke possible" spoken like a business man. Booker was a neat person, never met a stranger, he 'gave' Fred the Knob Creek label during a trip. Fred would always order a Knob Creek when they were promoting their bourbons. Booker asked him why one evening when they were back at the hotel (in Alaska if memory serves right). Fred told him he just liked it. So Booker said "then it's your bourbon now". Fred proceeded to promote the heck out of it and surpass sales of the others in the beam small batch collection. If you walked into Booker's kitchen he'd offer you a country ham sandwhich (served on homemade bread) and yell for his wife to get a bottle out. She'd bring a bottle of Booker's out. He'd open it and throw away the cork. Didn't matter if there were only a couple of you there, you were draining the bottle.

If you must(because you're a metrosexual) make a manhattan, try Basil Haydn if you can't find the Old Overholt, there's enough rye in it.
By speybait
Bourbon only comes from Kentucky. Everything else is whiskey or scotch depending on its geography/constituents.
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By BigCliff
No Idea, Weller might actually be my favorite over the Knob. Love that stuff. Weller and water is the standby,
By No Idea
What do they charge for Weller in TX? I pay $13.50 a fifth in KY. Knob Creek is $22.50 after discount. I usually drink either neat.

Speybait, it doesn't have to come from KY to be bourbon. Virginia Gentleman and VG gold are both bourbon. The real kicker is the "Aged in NEW Oak Barrels" for a minimum of 36 months, get them through 3 hot summers so the whiskey goes in and out of the oak a few times. This is where I get my undies up my crack, quality bourbon should be older than 3 yrs. and any bottle you buy that doesn't have an age on it can legally be only 36 mos. old, Sure Bill samuels will say his is blends of 6,7,and 8 yr old product, but legally he could use 3 yr old stuff to fill the bottles.(maybe I had a bad experience duckhunting with a Makers mark hangover and thats why I fault its age, older whisky leaves less hurt on yer head.)Some companies make a bourbon style whiskey but filter it through charcoal, some don't use new oak barrels. They aren't, legally speaking, making bourbon.
By speybait
No Idea,
Ask anyone from Kentucky if bourbon comes from anywhere other than Ky. I think you'll get a firm answer. You might be thinking about bourbon county (the older,larger one that used to be part of Va.).
By No Idea
Ok lemme ask myself,
"self, you live in KY right?" "Yep, sure do."

"Good, does Bourbon have to come from KY?" "Nope, ask anyone in the trade who makes it, like the men mentioned above(you know the master distillers), Bill Samuels (makers Mark) Fred Noe (Jim Beam), or Julian Van Winkle(PVW) or Chris Morris (Old Forester/Woodford) and even they will attest that it doesn't have to come from Ky."

Now I will say, the best bourbon comes from KY, no offense to Bowman Distilleries who did a decent thing by introducing VG Gold.

And all of KY was once Virginia, until what 1792 I believe. Bourbon County KY, formerly part of Fayette county, took its name from a French family(royalty) and is where lots of whiskey was made and shipped from, down the Ohio to the MS and on to New Orleans. The barrels were stamped BOURBON for the county. Kentucky is the only state allowed to put the term "Kentucky Straight Bourbon" on the label.

I do stand corrected though, I mentioned 36 months as a minumum age, it's actually 24 months....drink only aged bourbon, with the age on the bottle.
By speybait
I think you just paraphrased what I said.

Self? I know Kentuckians. You, sir, are no Kentuckian.

Bourbon comes from Kentucky.
By No Idea
speybait wrote:Bourbon only comes from Kentucky. Everything else is whiskey or scotch depending on its geography/constituents.
I'll go back to what you said here gheybait. Its flat out wrong. You are wrong when you say it is so. Thoroughbreds, bourbon, and pretty wimmen are all highly developed in Ky, but they can also be crafted elsewhere.

You think the Commonwealth would understand if I quit paying state income tax and said, "well gheybait told me I wasn't a kentuckian"?. This must be solved, I'll bring the bourbon. Pick the water if you know so much about KY. Better yet, lets go grousin. I gotta go fix a drink, between your shit and the crap I just went thru shoppin with my wife I am almost upset, nay, a Colonel doesn't let such petty things alarm him.
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