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By Salmotrutta
Stolen from Chum....

With just over thirty days to the launch of the 2009 edition of the film tour, Thad Robison, Chris Owens, and Justin Crump have resigned from AEG.

Give us the scoop boys. We know you're watching....
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By shunned
splinter grouping.
it happens in all terrorist agencies.

gee. I wonder if it was something I said. I was a big fan of those bastards.
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what the hell is that all about, did they drink too much? :coffee
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By castingoutloud
See predictions for 2009.
I had it out with their agent. yes agent, complete sellouts too bad it got ugly before they got out.
What are they going to do with all the dvds and shit Korian rods?
Stains,... stains on the waders of humanity. good luck A holes
just look at it AEG Resignations the fact you say resignations reeks. resign from what? I am a retired "fish bum". Oh AEG if you are in fact watching watching I am available.
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By jerome
a brokeback love triangle tore them apart.....

or maybe JJ is in charge now....
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By BigTimber
i never liked crump anyway. so, who's left? does aeg stand for "angling exploration guy" now?
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By castingoutloud
AEGreed I always said well documented
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By steelhyde
It was only a matter of time. The idea of AEG was every fly fisherman's dream. Travel the world, fish amazing locations, and document every piece of it. Make enough money to pay for the next trip. Repeat.

AEG was brilliant but blew up too fast. Too many others wanted some of that sweet nectar and pretty soon it's not about the dream - it's about making dough. And then it's dead.

It was a good run boys, here's to your sweet films. :cool
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By Woolybug25
The same thing happened when Crump first got to the group. Didnt you guys notice that after the first one, no more Ryan Davey. He was the coolest one anyway. I guess there was a falling out and Davey was replaced with Crump and the other kid. If you ask me, Davey should make his own films. They would have better music and we wouldnt have to watch the love triangle between Crump and the new kid.
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By castingoutloud
I predict Smithhammer will win the reality show series who will be the ultimate fish bum.
Thats right on the discovery network. Watch as 12 contestants vie to be the ultimate fish bum and have their own TV show and crappy made in Korea rods. Sorry to be a spoiler but It comes down to Smithhammer and Les Stroud. Les is disqualified when it is revealed that he is not of the human race but is in fact a clown so the award is given to smithhammer by default.
sorry to be a spoiler how un Canadian of me.
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