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By Upsetter
n8 wrote:she threw you back?
Wouldnt say that either, it was more of an agree to disagree sort of thing, she went her way and I went mine. There's always more fish in the sea, I just happen to live in the barren straights these days. For that matter, I really need to get back down to costa, and not for the fishin.
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By n8
damn dood, that sucks. enuf of the questions, welcome to the place thats guaranteed not to get you any ass. :cool
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By shunned
Upsetter wrote:
I kinda suck at flyfishing, havent been doin it that long and dont do it everytime I fish
keep this sort of information to yourself, jesus.

now sit the fuck down and shut up*.

*austrian 1000 welcomes
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By Upsetter
n8 wrote:welcome to the place thats guaranteed not to get you any ass. :cool
no doubt about that, but its a fun way to waste some time, yall seem like good folk, if a bit rough around the edges. :cool

A bit more of the goods and Im out...

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By Rhyacophila
Upsetter wrote:Image
Damn, you were holdin out on us.

Who gots that pink wabbit?
By ned
Sweet looking water and fish, well done.

Welcome to the fray!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By El General
fatpig wrote:NEVER post a fuckin whitefish in your intro post - so close mang, so close.....
Horseshit. I think the whitey bumps the post at least a half a grade.
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By ditchdoc
johnbmadwis wrote:Ditch - who painted that 'tar? I've seen it a friend's house. That the same guy who paints a fly a day?
Yep. That's the guy. I swiped it off a website. Wish it was better resolution. She's cute--for a painting.
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By mendthatshit87
solid man, solid. Nice lookin fish, and water for that matter. I dig the whitey, seeing as I have never even saw one in person.
if you want to express more feelings about your breakup with that chica, go down in the basement and tell everybody how you feel...they eat that shit up down there.
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