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By johnbmadwis
I know a lot of you guys have websites with your stuff but are not exactly into pimping yourself. So, here's the request, post your link here. It ain't pimping if someone is asking for it. I've seen stuff I'd definitely drop some $, swap gear, or barter for. All the cooler kind of knowing the personalities (or lack thereof) behind the work. RFA, no need to participate.
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By Bruiser
I build the same thing over and over again.






If you find a better ski chair, bring me a bug and I'll eat it.
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By Mutha Pucka
Dooood, your the ski chair guy, a couple my buddies gots dem
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By Bruiser
Paul Puckett wrote:Dooood, your the ski chair guy, a couple my buddies gots dem
Paul, your art is feckin awesome.
Damn you RFA, I burned my fucking lip and spilled coffee all over the damn place.
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By Bobwhite
Bruiser - those chairs are awesome! Great idea; a weather-proof, no maintenance Adirondack chair made from recycled materials. Do they break down for shipping?

Paul - Great painting... I can smell salt water, do you have any prints of the tarpon piece?

Fishlore - Man, I had no idea. Incredible work. I know I've seen the statue image before.

RFA - You got the cover art right on the nuts! It makes me itchy all under over.

Bad Fish - Derek's a good friend, great guy for sure, and his work is fantastic.

Here's a recent painting that we just took to press; now available as a limited edition print.
"An Outside Chance"
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We're having a Father's Day Sale - All prints are 25% off... boxes of note cards are less 30%.

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