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By slavetotheflyrod
Just got me a new fishin dog. :Roll Eyes I'll be heading down to AZ to pick him up in a few weeks. The breeder is twenty minutes from Alamo, roadtrip anyone? Naming suggestions also welcome
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By truteya
Looks like he's laying in a bed of herb, so there's my suggestion for a name, but pronounce the H. Damn fine looking pup, what breed?
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By slavetotheflyrod
Akita, he's sure to be a big boy, Dad is 130 lbs, and mom's pushin a hundred. Herb... I like it, but I doubt the wifey will go for it.
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By jerome
Dan K.
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By Bad Fish
130 pounds, you're gonna need a bigger boat and truck! Looks like a "Storm" or "Cloud" to me. He does kinda look like a Panda bear too. Of course you could go through all the fishing related names: Sage, Madison, Midge, Riffle, Stone, etc. I'm a believer in letting a pet name itself. It may not come right away but eventually their personality will inspire a good name. Although I may just name my next dog Stardog because it sounds cool.

BTW, that is one cute as hell puppy.
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By D-nymph
"nemo" of course.

Nice looking fuzz ball!
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By slavetotheflyrod
My son's pushing the Nemo angle pretty hard. He's seen Finding Nemo at least a thousand times.
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slavetotheflyrod wrote:My son's pushing the Nemo angle pretty hard. He's seen Finding Nemo at least a thousand times.
Your dogs a midget ginger kid? Ok now I'm fucking confused... Again :coffee
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By CarpeTructa
Nice looking dog, should be a lot of fun spending the years together. As for the name, of course it should be Nemo, or Jed of course. Just think of the possibilities for future posts: "Dammit, Nemo pissed all over the kitchen floor again," or "I've been trying to train Jed but he keeps shitting in the closet," or "Nemo/Jed won't stop humping my leg, any suggestions from my fellow Drakeans?" Etc., etc.
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By Bruiser
good looking akita, slave.

we had one and he was just about the coolest dog ever.
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By Lurgee
Nice looking addition you got there Slave, make sure you let Cheeba spend some good time with it to teach it the finer points of becoming a good fish hound.

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