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By Outcast
It counts for a lot.

When you show up in the morning and haven’t had enough coffee. Your eyes are still burning from the smoke in the bar last night and your head is pounding and all you can think of is “I know I got her number, where did I put it?”. You’re running five minutes early but the lunches are late. That left bearing on the trailer is suspect but you think it’ll make it home. Goddamn Coke blew up in the cooler and now the water is brown and everything is sticky. You didn’t get any flies tied last night and now the shop is out because some jackass in a Range Rover just bought the last three dozen of what you need. You don’t have any 2X. Wind’s starting to blow and the sky is getting dark. Where’s your lanyard? How many people did you say already filled out shuttle sheets??!!!?

We’ve all been down. The strong among us have picked ourselves back up and tried again with a clenched smile and renewed determination. Sometimes though even the strong can’t pick themselves up and they need help. Help is a gift. In order for a gift to truly appreciated it needs to be given freely without expectation and accepted graciously for then it is a liberating and uplifting experience for both parties.
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By Yard Sale
Sun, big bugs, and nice feesh is what you call being down? Try a month long skunkage in freezing rain swinging for the fence.

Nice stuff.
By Articulated Trico
Damn Outcast! That might be the best thing u have ever contributed!
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By stonedfly
Nice <i've been drinking though>.
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By shunned
I don't believe for a second you homos can still smoke in pubs.
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By foureyedgeek
Good stuff!
By midstream
Great bugs, water and fish, outstanding!
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Fucker, you set a damn high bar. :cool

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten, and I have caught fish.

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By slavetotheflyrod
shunned wrote:I don't believe for a second you homos can still smoke in pubs.
He's in Montana, it's like this whole other country or something.

Good stuff OC
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Good shit Outcast. :cool
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By Bobwhite
Thanks for that, Outcast... great stuff all around.
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