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By Lenny
1) People talking on Bluetooth headsets in public

2)Special parking spaces for hybrid cars

3)People buying scratch tickets

the floor is yours............................. :smile
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By Back Eddy
we could do a whole thread on cell phones, but here's my beef:

the fucking yayhoos jabbering on the cell in the grocery store - stopping in the middle of the aisle blocking everyone else's way.

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By West Chester
bitching room asshats or is it glass-ass now?
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politicians :vomit

distantly followed by tailgaters :smile
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By Yagerbomb
Those hightly accomplished in the skills of vehicular douchebaggery;
the can't talk and drivers,
the door thumpers
the throw on the brakes because some adorable furry critter might get squashed-ers
the speed up as you try to pass-ers
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By Gaper's Pimp
1) Dipshits driving scooter boats across the flats
2) Politicians driving scooter boats across the flats
3) 54 days over 100 since May
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Glista wrote:Brussel sprouts
Hey G, I used to think that too- then my girl started roasting them. Daayummmm tasty.
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By jerms
Lost baggage...

Fuck you very much, Quantas and Air New Zealand. :gun At least this time it wasn't gone for 5 days.
Fucking douche bag welfare fucks that buy their groceries (read microwave burgers and soda) with their subsidized meal plan ticket and then haul out cash for their scratch tickets...
FUCK ALL OF THEM!!!! GET A JOB...The lottery is a tax on those who suck at math !!!!
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