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By austrotard
CarelessEthiopian wrote:
When applying head cement or nail polish to a fly how long does one leave the wire/toothpick in the head of the hook so it doesnt get blocked before removing? Opinions on both would be good but i believe they dry at a similar rate
did somebody tell the spammer I was back from holiday?
I haven't seen any (see: many) shazam flies as of late.

shit. I've just put the mockers on it, haven't I?
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By Hogleg
I had something similar typed up a few days ago and then, just before hitting submit, the whole jinx phenomenon entered my mind and I erased it.

Nice going fucktard.
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By -G-
ChaseChrome wrote:there's nuance here, not caught by the untrained eye...
Well ya we need to know if he wraps the thread clockwise, or counterclockwise depending on if you're casting river right or left.

It makes a huge difference, you know.

I think hes taking it upon himself to spread the word judging by the number of forums he posts in spams
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By austrotard
For sale in mint condition Cheeky mojo 425
with 300y of 50lb Power Pro comes with box and
neoprene pouch $320 includes postage.
Goes great with the Sage Largemouth I have for
sale on forum as well and could put both together
as a package If you like for the right price just let us know?
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By kish
Nano Puffs are awesome, but I'm more of a Cap'n Crunch guy.
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By Saltan
Dear fellow anglers,

edits: I should have stopped here, but it gets better...

I would appreciate your opinions on the following matters.

Having recently re-located to Tauranga I am now in a position where the house is nearly finished and the needs of my family requiring daddy and husband to put up pictures, fix fences, fix mirrors, organise the garage etc. are nearly completed, and after the best part of nine weeks I might just get some time to myself.

I work in the week in Auckland, so weekends tend to be consumed with household chores such as the above.

I have fished since age of seven mainly in the UK and trout fished within the UK close season.

Needless to say I am itching to get my feet wet in the local harbour and the only form of fishing I dream about is fly fishing. I know the weather is turning but it doesn't matter to me. Fishing is fishing.

I need to purchase a suitable rod and reel. I have considered several options over the last few weeks; however I am now stumped and cannot quite make a decision. Hence why I respect the views of fellow fly anglers.

I have learnt through harsh and expensive experience that there is no point in myself buying a run of the mill rod and reel, as I will no doubt want to spend more money on updating the rod and reel in a very short time. And I never seem to be that content, knowing there is a better outfit to use and eventually I'll end up buying it. I must also add that this is the only part of my life where I am extravagant. It is a weakness, but one I welcome with open arms.

The dilemma is simply that I cannot justify spending the best part of two grand on a rod and reel; not to my wife anyway. So I have to compromise.

Do I go with a good rod and cheap reel. For instance on trade me there is a discounted Hardy Pro-axis for sale and also a second hand Sea level tempest 3, which someone else is selling. Or do I push it a wee bit further and go for a good reel and cheaper rod such as a 7 plus Hatch reel (simply gorgeous!!) and a Airflo bandit rod, which is at the cheaper end of the spectrum?

Both outfits would be in a similar ball park with respect to overall price; but not quite pushing it out there for the absolute top of the range rod and reel, which in all fairness my be wasted on my skills.

When I used to trout fish, the rod and line were possibly the most important aspects of the outfit, which contributed to the most enjoyment. However I feel the reel plays a far more important role in saltwater fly fishing.

Anyway, I know I have rambled (but I am at work and talking about fishing is far more enjoyable) but what do guys think?

Warmest regards

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By austrotard
Scott G
Lee Wulff - Speacial Edition, 6 weight 7 foot 3 piece rod sock and aluminium tube
This model rod was made buy Scott Fly rod company for Lee Wulff's Speacial
requirements for he seen the the advantages of short rod in tight situations.
This is vary rare piece don't mis your chance.
Can send photo's

I'm hoping this fella is either freshly croatian (fucking) or 6yrs old.
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