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And further down that thread J. stevens writes
Fishinphilly, you are close to understanding. As I said in the OP, some will get it while some will get it in time while others will never get it. SBecker gets it, you are very close to getting it. In fact you get it but you just haven't realized you got it. Here is why.

"I am 28, I keep up with the latest technology, I work in a fast pace evolving automotive industry, but i believe in the ways of old. There are now, and always have been the people who are suckered into constantly needing the newest gadgets and devices to make it the latest and greatest in the industry and the simplest way of doing things, but hen again there are those who listen and read and want to learn regardless. Does this make it wrong to use the latest furled leader? or the newest techniques while still learning a better understanding for how the fish feed and where they will be based on their habits? i say nope! "

The point which you get is don't blindly believe what the so called experts tell you you need and what is right. Try everything and decide for yourself. That is the whole point of what I wrote. If an ultra fast action rod works for you, fine but don't believe you need one because they told you that you do. Same for bamboo. Furled leaders? If you have used them and also experimented with other leader systems and for you they work better than anything else by all means use them despite what I or anyone else may say about them. I have tried everything and continue to try everything and some new things work better than old but many don't. I decide for myself what works not because someone told me it is what I need. The ones that don't work get tossed aside even if Yellowstone Anglers told me it was the best and the one I should use (whatever that may be).

As for new techniques one can always learn new techniques but what you will find is the hottest new technique really is just a repackaging of an old technique that has been around for ages. Everything anyone needs to know about fly fishing has already been discovered. This isn't cutting edge technology it is a rod that propels a weight (line) to which a fly is attached and by manipulating the line with the rod one can make the fly act natural and convince and fool fish that it is food.

That is it. That is what you should be striving to learn if you really want to be a fly fishermen. It is what you do with the fly when it is in the water that counts and you either understand that or you don't. There is nothing other than yourself that will change what the fly does in the water. A Euro-nymph leader with Euro-nymph flies on a Euro-nymph rod will not work if fished incorrectly. Period. And to fish this technique successfully you don't need a Euro-leader, Euro-flies nor Euro rod.

The old guys were the pioneers, the guinea pigs, who learned by trial and lots of error and in the process discovered what really works. Nothing about the fundamentals has changed. That is the point. Learn the fundamentals before blindly tossing money at those with their hand out. It is not necessary.
Well there you have it. He's a 28 year old car salesman so he obviously is some incredibly wise sage who has life and the world figured out.
I hit the XXX (removed for the innocent) trail . Saw 2 unidentified large white mushrooms, 1 suillus, 2 very dirty shrimp russulas, and 4 lesbians. Unfortunately, the lesbians were about 30 years past their prime.

Caught a bunch of brookies, kept 2 , and released a cutthroat about 13-14".
I choose to hate neither the player, nor the game.
I just honestly love this pic.

Me in 5 years.
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5 pages of responses....

Hat colors


Okay guys this forum has been dead lately so I feel I will start a very informative thread for everyone. What color hats do you guys wear when you catch a lot of fish? I usually wear my green redington hat and fish darker color flies while wearing said hat with decent results. Whats yall opinions? Hopefully we can all learn something!
[quote="burgerthumb"]not a local board, but on a group on Facebook.

Aside from several minutes of pointless video, this asshole begins killing this fish around 6:30.

Flame away, drakazoids.

watch him float the dead fish away in part 2 as he extols the values of catch and release:


World class asshat.
Jeesus H! He's not even suspicious...
He forgot to thank the academy.
There's a new fad down here this year. Unfortunately the laws against it it don't seem to get enforced enough

This really grinds my gears, maybe because I have yet to land a fish this size and I'm jealous or maybe because I know it's truly terrible for the fish. A lot of these guys when told that this is wrong delete the comments and laugh about how stupid the "fish police" are.


From a FaceButt innernet group:

"I know that. Majority of tyers here are pike fisherman and often the fish are caught in boats but I was wondering, has anyone simply floated with a life vest while fly fishing for bass? Just curious."

(No pics, sorry)
pbrstreetgang wrote:From a FaceButt innernet group:

"I know that. Majority of tyers here are pike fisherman and often the fish are caught in boats but I was wondering, has anyone simply floated with a life vest while fly fishing for bass? Just curious."

(No pics, sorry)
Saw a guy doing that on the Chippewa a few years back. . .pretty sure it wasn't one of AA's clients who got shoved overboard for a trout set. . .
Ok.... so this guy made this reel..... I think i'm gonna trash my nautilus and get one of these bad boys..

What the fuck is wrong with people...



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