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By Fishwater
My wife is interviewing for a position in Salt Lake on Fri. I have never had any intention of leaving Texas, but the possibility exists. So, I guess that leads me to my question: why would one want to move to Utah?
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By Trucha Del Mar
Ever experienced the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in full wail? Breathtaking.
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By nympho
Little cottonwood canyon after 8 inches of fresh. Google it
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By DeadRatsClacker
two ball and chains at a time


This also begs the question if you have two wives and get divorced from both, do they get 25% each and you get 50 or are you just totally fucked
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By Overcast
Quite......hear that sucking sound<<<<<<

it's not the vacuum, but your life being sucked right out of your waders.


Actually I know nothing about Utard and really don't want too.
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Yotta pm Nich. He seems to have UT pretty well dialed.
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By alteredstates
while havent lived in SLC, i did interview there earlier this year for a position. the largest bonus was the vast amount of wilderness experience within 30 min of your door. i backpack, mountaineer, snowboard, crosscountry ski, besides fish, so it all made the city seem pretty alluring. and despite a somewhat bad rep, i hear it is improving overall in terms of city life. also, very livable compared to kalifornia prices. and while incredibly kind, the mormon vibe did give me a bit of the creeps, and also the liquor laws are a little cooky. that being said, it remains high on my list of places contending for next year (just under places in kali, oregon, washington with more mountain hippies and better water)
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By slavetotheflyrod
You can wade fish pretty much wherever you want. That and the hardcore mormon chicks have that pony tail to grab.
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By stonefly5
not too far away from the green and provo river. I fished there when i was in park city for a baseball tournament a couple years back and did pretty well.
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By Yard Sale
You could drink about 40 beers and still be on the water by 6.

Anything is better than Texas maing....cept maybe Florida.
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By Bear River Boomer
The Green, the Provo, the Weber, and the Logan to name four good reasons. There are about 8 rivers I didn't mention on your 1.5 drive to the Logan. You are 4 hours from Yellowstone Park, 3.5 hours from Jackson Hole, and the South Fork, Henry's Fork, and some unbelievable still water lie inbetween those. That's just fishing. How about the Wind Rivers and Moab? 160" of annual snowfall in the resorts and Marie Osmond.

Why wouldn't you move to Utah?
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