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By nlights
[quote="SouthFork"]You get to call yourself a Utard.

3.2% Beer.

Cards to get into Bars.

I dont think that this is the case anymore.....They did change a lot of alcohol related bills in 2009. You may wanna check state regs... I always have had a good time visiting Park City, but never have lived there. Fishing was great on Provo we drive from CO to go and fish the Green. Lightest powder on earth as well, if your into that as well. my .02
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By skifishbum
two good reasons I'm staying
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By Fishwater
wovenstonefly wrote:
NICH wrote:
cougarcockburn wrote:we're full, fuck off! :cool
X 2
X 3
You may be able to tell that to me in person. The interview went pretty well; should know something soon.
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By DeShootnestGent'man
Alan Stanwick :cool
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By Trucha Del Mar
DeShootnestGent'man wrote:Alan Stanwick :cool
You know what I can't figure out? I can't figure out what I was doing in Utah this morning.
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By troutsnot
Fishwater wrote:My wife is interviewing for a position in Salt Lake on Fri. I have never had any intention of leaving Texas, but the possibility exists. So, I guess that leads me to my question: why would one want to move to Utah?
In your case, Because you can leave Texas.
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By m.b.
and there's always the benefit of being ~1000 miles from warm salt water.....
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By Big Wood
You will need to change your username to U-tard! You will like Moab and Arches. Watch out for the Green on high water, I just about met my maker rafting there.
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By Belly Up
Theres cliffs on both sides

Im not gonna paddle my way to New Zealand
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By AftonAngler
Truth now...

Just how dirty are those Moron chicks? I hear they are first class whorish in that Crazy overReligion know a State full of Preachers Daughters....

Sorry Pastor Ben don't mean to tread upon the proper folk of the cloth...but man, Preachers Daughters are freaky-deaky :cheer

Musky Tribe is throwing out feelers to a homebound route in April...many possible routes back to the Homeland and we must maximize our Drakian options when considering bearings.


might be worth a schwing through Utard....hmmmmmm
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