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After multiple years and 6 lost fish, it's finally over. First LANDED Permit on the fly for me!

The fly I have been fishing for Permit all year is being tied by a fellow Drakian! Thanks man! Hope to order some more real soon! I owe you!


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Woolybug25 wrote:Congrats man! I bet you are stoked. :cool
Thanks WB25...Its been a long time coming. Today was likely my last day of personal fishing until June 15th. It's nice to finally have that weight off my shoulders. Looking forward to June and July for more personal permit action.
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By DeShootnestGent'man
Sickening permit porn! Congratulations LTD, on a well deserved trophy! :cool
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By mark
WOW! Bad Ass, man. Glad it finally came around for you. Did Billy put you on that fish??
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By West Chester
What took you so long?

Fuck yeah :cool
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By Bruiser
Congratulations :cool
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Atta boy, purdy fish, nice stick :cool
By blue ridge angler
congrats.. :cool
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