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By Warashi
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By Ginseng Sullivan
that's awesome Don, congratulations and glad to be a part of it.

i'm always looking for new, creative ways to photo flies but there is still nothing like having the target species hold one real nice for you.

:cool :Roll Eyes :cheer
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By tailingpermit
I'm just glad that I was off and able to share a few toasts to the moment.

Jesus, my first.....
I'd still give anything to relive the moment with the knowledge that I have now.
The shots were endless, the time was my first with Will Benson, we circled Little
Mullet Key all day. I've only fed two permit with a backhand cast, the reason being
that the guide has evolved into knowing that the cast is like pulling slots. That day three
cherries aligned, the coins overflowed to the floor as I held a twenty pound permit. The
only words that I could udder from my mouth were when are you open next? That day started
the obsession, that day was the new beginning of my life, four years that I will cherish forever.

Congrats again LTD! :cool
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By P-A
Awsome jobb man!! Holy grail stuff.
:cool :smile :cool
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By Redchaser
Crick Addict wrote:How hard could it be to catch a permit? It's not a trout for dogsakes.... :coffee
Exactly, I mean after all it's sight fishing, and that's like shooting fish in a barrell Image
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By Overcast
Congrats LTD,
I assumed it was an annual event.
Nothing like watching those fins cutting through water, the cast, the grab then ....................... :cheer
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By Float Rod
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By gshok
I am really stoked for you man, congrats. I am trying my hardest to get that first. Two suicide trips in three weeks to the lower keys from tampa. Thought this might be the weekend it could happen but I drove the 8 hours home with my tail between my legs for the second time last night. Saw way more fish and had better opportunities the week before the Merkin than this weekend. This weekend I only saw about 10 fish and had 3 legit good shots with prompt reufusal. F-ing high pressure, wind, and motor troubles. Hooked tarpon and bones but was still dissapointed.
whatcha tying?

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