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mark wrote:WOW! Bad Ass, man. Glad it finally came around for you. Did Billy put you on that fish??
No....Ryan was pushing the boat. Only fitting because he is the one most of my permit fishing has been with. Funny thing is just before I caught this fish I had put a really good cast in on another that raced over to the fly and never hooked up. I asked Ryan.."What do I have to do to catch one of these damn fish ?" He then suggested I spend a week on the street corner waiting to save someone from getting run over. Five minutes later I hooked and landed this fish. The only thing I said before that fish was in the boat was "I got em". Dead silence until then. Ya know...the permit curse. No street corner for me!
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By Gaper's Pimp
Way to go, Don. That fly looks like it's got some wiggle to it.
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By The Volfish
Nice work.

Whats next in the bucket list?
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By Redchaser
Congratulations, hard fought first are always incredibly rewarding.
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By cantfishforshit
Sounds a lot like the steelhead fishing I've been reading and hearing about. I admire your fortitude. I wish I lived near a beach, or a steelhead river.
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The Volfish wrote:Nice work.

Whats next in the bucket list?
Thanks guys....Next on the list is one that is over 20. This fish was a small fish, so it left me plenty of room to better.
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Gaper's Pimp wrote:Way to go, Don. That fly looks like it's got some wiggle to it.
GP..that fly has been great. I still fish the SS but this fly has more than brought its fair share of fish to my boat since Dec of 09. Befuddled hooked the first fish on this fly.
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By ditchdoc
I imagine the first one was worth the wait. I can only imagine. Good for you! And thanks for the vicarious experience.

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