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Overcast wrote:Congrats LTD,
I assumed it was an annual event.
Nothing like watching those fins cutting through water, the cast, the grab then ....................... :cheer
I would say its an annual event for some and even a weekly event for those who fish 4+ days a week. My problem is that I am always pushing the boat and don't get nearly enough days on the water for myself. There's no doubt getting the first one can be a nightmare! Then again I have had guys on my boat hook and land the first Permit they have ever thrown at. So....who knows.. I guess that's fishing! All I know is that I love it!

Gshok...hang in there man! If worst comes to worst you might have to go hang out on the street corner. :bomb
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By Bruiser
Last Permit I saw: Willi was on the bow - he spooked the fish and then hit ME on the head.

Moral of the story: bring the helmet.

Actually, I spooked the last one I saw myself in Mexico. It was just a glimpse.
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By befuddled
fuckin A man!


did you remember to miss the cast by ten feet?

congrats bro!
By get er done
purdy work Don. Anyone that has spent anytime fishing these fish for an extended time understands the simple joys a permit can bring. Not the guys that make one cast catch one and head back to CO.............guys that spend many days a year fishing them. I was great to see you guys this weekend to bad I was tied up with family but I will back in short order.
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By Woolybug25
get 'er done wrote: Not the guys that make one cast catch one and head back to CO.............
Please god let me be this guy come July... :bow
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