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By Streamer
My son, Colin, has been selected as one of twelve teenagers across the country to attend The Big Horn River Youth Experience in Ft. Smith, Montana this June. This is so cool for him! He's such a great kid in so many ways.

Here's the link to the Big Horn River Alliance website for a better idea of what this is all about: ... _days.html

The Alliance and FFF, along with folks in the Ft. Smith FF'ing community, support this effort generously.

I know this will enhance Colin's life experience as well as his fishing skills and enthusiasm.

And I am just so proud of him for being such a great kid and a great son, that I had to let y'all know.

Yer Pal,
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Great Job DAD!!!! and MOM too.
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By Ephemeral

Congratulations to the boy. And congratulations on the parents. Enjoy the buzz, more to come I am sure.

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Very cool. Congrats to the small Streamer. :cool
By blue ridge angler
way to go..
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By ditchdoc
A youngster in our local club was selected for this too. Why didn't they have this shit when I was young? Oh...wait...that was before dirt.
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By CarpeTructa
Alright, a little creek off the old stream, congrats to him!
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By Lurgee
Congrats Dad, and now the living vicariously through your son begins. You should probably plan on a road trip to personally deliver him to camp a la 'Vacation', and since you've drove all that way might as well find a river nearby to entertain yourself for a week or so.
By capt
Congrats for you and your son. I wish I could have done something like that when I was younger...looks like they'll have a great week.
By Kylemc
Congrats to you and Colin, Jules. Looking fowrad to the trip in May buddy :cool
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By Streamer
Kylemc wrote:Congrats to you and Colin, Jules. Looking fowrad to the trip in May buddy :cool
Thanks, Kyle. Colin's almost as excited about that trip with you as he is about the Montana gig. See you on May 15.

Yer Pal,
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