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You know the old saying, "third time's a charm?" Give it a shot. Make sure you don't have a chick that even the butterface contingent would have booted.
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By Adams

There be some large caprs here.

Welcome aboard. Now don't embarass the rest of us from l'etoile du nord.
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By Float Rod

Holy shit that was funny!!

:cool :cool
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By Bobwhite
Adams wrote:Welcome aboard. Now don't embarass the rest of us from l'etoile du nord.

Thanks for the laugh, Meatwad!
That dude on the skateboard may very well be the most unathletic slab of gelatin on the planet.

An ungainly orb in motion, remains in motion...
By snaglovin
Ha ha, Thanks for the mixed response. I just thought I would include something for everyone. I know there are some ugly big tittied bitch lovers out there, and it's ok for you not to admit it I wouldn't either. I'll try not to embarrass myself or others too much and promise to find some pictures of more appropriate b's for all of your spank banks soon
By snaglovin
steelhyde wrote:I live right by you. (Assuming you live near the dam). You get the carp there too?

Small world.
I don't quite live by the dam, I'm in uptown but the carp came out of that area too.
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