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By Streamer
I couldn't figure out how to imbed Vimeo, so here's the link:

Kinda long video, but it was a long weekend. And worth it.
The music's pretty cool, too.

My two boys are in the mix. The tallest skinny kid with the buzz cut, and the one kissing the rainbow troot.

Yer Pal,
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By Ephemeral

Looks like a good turn out and a good time. And you even got into some fish. Nice.

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By Bobwhite
I wish we lived closer... that was wonderful!
By Kylemc
Very nice Jules. I wish Ty and I could make it to at least one of those but always racing. We have some time off now but unfortunately it is because he separated his shoulder so no fishing for him. Me on the other hand....

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By kyped
very cool. thanks for sharing.

geeze, my son turns 1 next week, so we bought him the lifetime fishing license, which of course, won't come in handy til he's 16, but for $100.00, it's hard to pass up. anyways, seeing this footage makes me really look forward to a few years down the road when he's fishing with dad. thanks Tito, give me some tissue
By Kylemc
kyped wrote: so we bought him the lifetime fishing license,
nice work!
By JoshO
Not sure how I missed this one. Nice work Streamer.

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By Float Rod
That was awesome!

Thats what I needed to start this day off.

Thank you for putting that together and sharing, great choice of music as well.

Excellent job.

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