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By woolly bugger
hot diggity dog -- mighty fine flicks and reportage too...
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By McH
You go to great lengths Ram, and it’s appreciated. :cool
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By Float Rod
Your work is top notch!

Your reports and pictures are clearly the best part of teh suck.

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent job.

Thank You!

By Kylemc
Nice report from my neck of the woods. Thanks :cool
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By Nemeth
leadoverdistance wrote:
Salmotrutta wrote:Holy Crap! A Sasquatch sighting!

Nope, that is a Yeti . Troutsmack and his brother are related to Sasquatch....

Ramcootch, you suck big time, BUT, that elevated degree of Tent tautness is enough to deter a GBU-28. Really. You musta been watching Nemeth rig his bunker to achieve this high grade of nylon stretching perfection... Wait, that sounded wrong. Bugger it, you know what I mean. :cool Cheers man, stellar reportage. Could you get some closer close-ups of the bear though?
That's how you rig a tent, nice and taught.....not all loose and flaccid like West chester's. Good shit dude.
Dear Capt Dustin Huff

bump for Fred.... :smile

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