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By DayTripper
[report]Woke up way to early yesterday with the boy to hit his favorite bluegill spot. Morning water temps were a little chilly, but he still managed to get his first two fish of the year on nymphs. We didn't fish very long as he had a soccer game to get to.

Today we slept in and went back to his spot after lunch. He landed about 10 fish in two hours, and the best part was they all came on poppers.

In between removing fish for him and tying knots, I couldn't help but do a little reflecting when the boy kept setting the hook too soon. Since our kids are often mirror images of ourselves, we parents get a really cool opportunity to see our own faults in action. The real cool part, though, is that if we play our cards right and accept this, we get to figure out how to overcome them at the same time we're helping our kids do the same.
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had a bumble bee crash land after running into a 4wt
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so this spot of his happens to be next to a small public park. Every kid I saw today was more interested in the water than the jungle gym.
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when you have unlimited access to your dad's fly boxes, and your fish are all over the poppers, you feel pretty good about your fly rod skills and not needing to use bait anymore
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By Ramcatt
yo... can you grab that lamp for me
i'll pick it up in a few weeks

good shit!
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By Streamer
Nothing better than a picture of a kid with a bent rod full of bluegill.

Dumpster pic is priceless. It's also my new avatar. Thanks!
And thanks for the report.

Yer Pal,
By Truchero
Some first class pics brother.

Looks like your son was livin' it. Good for both of you. :cool :cool
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By foureyedgeek
Way to go, man! My kids are still very much in playground mode, but I'm be patient with em.
By thalweg
great report tripper.
shitcanning the zebco... :bow
Hell, I am proud of him, and I have never met the kid. I can only imagine how you must feel.
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By Lurgee
Great stuff man!! Dumpster pic is fantastic. :cool
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By Float Rod
Great report and pics!

Dear Capt Dustin Huff

bump for Fred.... :smile

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