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By Bruiser
No flypods in there! Great job you guys. Trash pickups are no brainers and they make the place look so great. Usually you can put together a pretty well matched pair of tevas afterwards too. :cool
By thalweg
I love the mystery move shots of the rafts.
The hole in that last shot sucked an alp sandal right off my foot a long time ago... I hope you found it.
We do a couple of cleanups here every year, I am always amazed at the amount of balls we find.
I usually get enough raquet balls and tennis balls to keep dirty sanchez in tall cotton for the rest of the year.
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By slavetotheflyrod
The Volfish wrote:Solid work fellas.

I'm guessing a few tankfulls of OB were consumed at the take-out! :cool
You must be psychic :cool
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