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Thanks guys.

WoolyBugger... I'm glad you enjoyed coming along... it was fun to have you there.

Slave... God knows, I owe you and the missus, but this one paying off some bills!

Bearsfan... Was the print hand-colored, or black & white? That was a fun piece...

YardSale... I'm not sure if we'll take it to press... maybe. If we do, I'll put it up on the website. Thanks for asking...

DaPimp... Thanks, see you in Dallas. Lisa's in, now... we found a sitter!
Great stuff BOB :cool
Black & white.

Sweet!!!! Thank you! A real pleasure to watch this baby evovle.


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By P-A
Thanks for a great ride Bob and i hope spots doesnt
crash your ride.
:cool :cool
D-nymph wrote:Now that I know how Mr. Bob White does it, I can copy his style and become a millionaire in a matter of months!


Be sure to let me know how that works out for you D-nymph...
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