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By Mike Honcho
Bob you classy motherfucker you.
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By Ephemeral

Good stuff. And please continue to update the thread. For us idiots who can't possibly wrap their heads around the concept of proportion. I wish I could draw man, no talent what so ever. Practice does not always make perfect.


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By Bobwhite
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    Well... twelve hours later, and I've got two good fins and 10,000 fucking spots to show for it... meet my little friend, Spot.
    Meet my little friend, Spot...
    MeetSpot.JPG (152.6 KiB) Viewed 1224 times
    The thing about the spots is this... they're not black... they're different shades of gray; pale when in a reflective area, darker when they're in shadow. They have very distinct shapes as well; flat when on a horizontal surface, and rounder when on a vertical plane. And, of course their form is dictated by where in the trout's body they lie... there are some real funky shapes down near where the tail breaks.
    Spot, up close and personal...
    MeetSpotDetail.JPG (173.88 KiB) Viewed 1224 times
    I like to paint all the spots first because it helps me maintain the sense of the fish's shape in my mind's eye. The next step is to paint around all the spots... and then go back in and repaint the spots in the new context of being surrounded by color... things change and values have to be corrected, and the shapes redefined.

    Time for a work-out and several beers.
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    By Ephemeral

    This may be a stupid question...or not, but do you flip the canvas 180 degrees when you paint the reflection?? Or are they just shapes to you? Meaning, are you able to maintain perspective regardless of position? Or do you paint based on how 'you look' at it. I would imagine it would require a rather radical paradigm shift to be able to paint a reflection of anything as it would look naturally, but maybe there is a point where the artist is able to completely dissect the work; distill it, imbibe it and reproduce it in ways other than simply a first person perspective. I don't think I am making any sense...I will stop now.

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    By Bobwhite
    No... you're making perfect sense. And it's a good question.

    I can only speak for myself. When I paint, I'm only looking at shape, color and value. It doesn't mean anything to me if the fish is upside down because it's the reflection of the fish. You hit it right on the head.

    Interesting thing about reflections is that they're always darker (values) than the object they're reflecting... I think, because it's as if you're looking at it against the sky, in semi-silhouette.

    More tomorrow...
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    By Yard Sale
    Epic thread already!
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    By Streamer
    It's like watching a kid grow up. Except without detention and pimples.

    Very interesting process, Bob. I really appreciate your commentary as we watch it develop into a finished work of art, coming to life, breathing. Thanks.

    Yer Pal,
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    By Nemeth
    You are the man Bob, ever out this way beer is on me.
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    By Mutha Pucka
    nice...Bob is giving away secrets!
    Bob, i cant believe you do all those spots first on a rainbow, very interesting and a lot of work. I do that on browns because of the halos...thanks for posting. Love the pics!
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