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woolly bugger wrote:TP just now chimed in, it appears that he was kidnapped by a van full of midget strippers.... and it took him four days to come up with the $150 ransom ...

Twas the best buck fitty I ever spend, little peeps are fun.... :cool

I would have liked to taste that Hay wire brew though.. :smile
Very nice. The prince destroys on that river. You guys should float lower down on the tailwater if you want to see the big browns. :cool
CarpeTructa wrote:Nice TR. Looks like there's plenty of room on that grassy bank for a Bake. :cool

bake for 3 maybe... and you have to be on the list

Streamer wrote:Nice work, as usual, Woowee.
Take me next time. Please.

Yer Pal,

Jules you know the rules...
Oops forgot to mention that was an amazing report.
Nice hands too.
The days are receding ....

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