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By ickypimp
Douche baggery huh... joshO, check out your own avatar... 48 seconds you say... 6'6", 225lb, folks dont tend to prod me with a stick and last 48 seconds :wink

Thanks for the complement on the flies, the fish seem to like em
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By Yard Sale
Better. Seems like a big stick to throw little flies???
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By ickypimp
loomis IMX 8' #3 custom build... asked for a thicker grip because my hands are like shovels, the builder decided that it looked better with the fighting butt, i find it works well when wading, my chest pac has a loop on it i put the little fighting butt into and i can rest the rod in the nook of my elbow leaving both hands free
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By ditchdoc
That's better. Still unorthodox for the Drake, but orthodoxy is definitely what the Drake is not about.
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By leadoverdistance
See, all much moh bettah! :cool I enjoyed that.

Alright, your mission for this dumpster on the internet, is to be our chalk stream doyenne. I read of these damn things in Ritz's ramblings, a fly fisher's life when I was 10. So, we need pictures, shots of good beer, clear streams with cress beds, grayling, trout, and pics of Rachel Weisz's knickers.

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By johnbmadwis
ickypimp wrote:asked for a thicker grip because my hands are like shovels
Forget what your mum told ya, just because you have a small penis does not mean you have big hands, it just looks that way.

Nice re-entry. I dig the chalk stream stuff as that's 95% of my troots fishing. More.
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By Streamer
Thanks ever so much. Welcome. Wipe yer boots off, and shut the door behind you. Lotta weirdos trying to get in here.
I want to visit The Anglers Inn just to steal a coaster or ashtray or something.

Yer New Pal,
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By Bobwhite
leadoverdistance wrote:Or Keira's knickers.....................

Oh jeezus...

RFA? RFA... where are you?

It's time to show our new friend from the UK what a mountain hippy with photoshop is capable of.

Seriously... I was hoping that things might end up this way. Welcome to the fire... I'll bring the bourbon, and you supply the scotch.
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By Randall Dee
ickypimp wrote:... 6'6", 225lb, folks dont tend to prod me with a stick........ :wink .......

..............asked for a thicker grip because my hands are like shovels.............
You must be so proud............. :coffee
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