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By ncguy

Sorry. I couldn't resist. Great writing!
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By P-A
johnbmadwis wrote:Nice TR AK. I'll bet when she moves back home she'll have a hard time finding some other guy to give her moments like that. And she'll know it. If only you weren't so goddamn ugly.... Your cracked acne chronicles are one of my favorites. Good luck.

What John said.
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By West Chester
thalweg wrote:Quit being so nice. Women like to be pursued. Nice guys finish last, ask westchester.
If you don't sack up, she is going to get away and hook up with some dude who doesn't act like it is 1910.
Fucking truth and a half. The bigger the asshole you are the better, to a point. The trick is finding the exact point before the next guy does. I generally fail and go past the point.
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By The Volfish
Dude has a way with words on the keyboard. Nice report brother.

There is always next semester...
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By Meatwad
Fuckin A! Great report brother. Solid . :cool

Fuckin hugs, though. You should try this always closes the deal.
You got a fat ass warm pussy I dont want no *negro* to hit it but me
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By Float Rod

I must give credit where credit is due....Nice job on the pics and words.

Now grab your sack and ask her out.

As the Great #99 always stated "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

Again, very nice report and words.

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By woolly bugger
good words on the monkey report....
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By Redchaser
beaucephus wrote:nice report man

hey lake charles.... it's waders....

I tend to type like old people fuck....slow and sloppy..
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By kyped

I don't know you man, but sincerely, I enjoyed every word of that recount. I've known all too well what that can feel like. At the most critical point, you galvanized that experience as a blessing in time. Well done :cool
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