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By G_Smolt
[report]Gitchoo in the mood...

Waders - check. Boots, mhmm. Bear spray - yup. Extra rod - got it.


Toppin' off the tank


I like flying in little planes. I do it a lot, and most of the time it is pretty fun.

When you fly through shit like this, with a wicked Northeasterly gusting 40kts

pushing you all over these little, obscured passes, it kinda sucks.

One of the many butt-clenchers on the way down the hill.


Left turn, Clyde. Gettin' closer...


One of a few dance partners.


Kinda hard to get to those when there are so damn many of these.

They sort of fuck up a good drift, but they're fun to play with...


'Nother day in the Rainforest.[/report]
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By Ephemeral

I really dug that. Clean photos. Thank you.

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By Yard Sale
Drift? Heathen.....

Sweetness as always!
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By jerome

I haven't flown in small plane in the mountains....but I can 100% agree with you about it being too fucking cool until those butt-clenchers start. T-storms, high winds, and large birds behaving weirdly hitting thermals, not to mention flying around and landing near Hartsfield with the big boys will also get ones attention right quick like. Still has not made me sick or scared me like flying Delta into the rockies in August and July, though.... fuck, you do that shit for fun....

Them bush pilots gots balls, big uns... :bow
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By cantfishforshit
Must be nice... :bomb
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By Rusty Hook
I have been in lots of helicopters, but no float planes, and not to fish, just to dig holes and eat canned ham. It was more fun than it sounds like. then again, maybe not.
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By Overcast
You and AJ got off easy G, leaving the dip when you did. The conversation went due south of coherent. Here's to open space in the SKY WAGON, rather than flipping me off at 1600 ft.

The dollies were mega toad huge. :bullshit

All 14" of em.
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By slavetotheflyrod
It still beats flying Southwest :cool
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By P-A
Hate those planes but if it takes you to a place like that
i am all for it. Great report man!!
:cool :cool
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