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By Jed
Today's headlines - "Oil slick in Gulf triples in size"
[Rant On]
200,000 Gallons a day, up to about 1.6 million since the explosion. (Exxon Valdez was 11 million in total)
Estimates have increased exponentially with a slick now equal in size to Puerto Rico. Talk that it might travel thru the keys and up the Atlantic coast. Thank you Geo W bush for allowing them not to install some major saftey equipment. The solution is nowhere in site and there has been almost nothing on this board.

Contact your legislators - raise hell. Don't buy gas from B.P. Tell them why. Demand more better legislation so this does not happen again.

Fuck. RFA (Red FIsh Angler) will now oficially have his name changed to OFAy- Oil Fish Angler. All guides in the keys will now be called Slick. This slick will be the great equalizer good guides and imposters will all catch the same number of fish, zero.

Fucking Assholes who think you can just drill baby drill and have no fuckin consequences. Sara Palin and her ilk should be impaled on the rhetoric of oil. Every time she opens her mouth all listening should be reminded that this "no problem lets just drill" attitude is fucking us up big time, and anyone here who supports her should have their heads examined.


[Rant Off]
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I thought i was the only one who was pissed. My wife is pissed because i have been ranting to her about it for days. I believe the Chandelurs are already fucked. Fished them many years ago before they became exclusive.Some of her family is down there working in the seafood industry... I was under the impression the board really didnt give a shit until they realized the price of their shrimp cocktails went up 500%.
I believe most people do not know what exactly is at stake here and the damage its gonna do to the wetland/nusery habitat in the effected areas. I am waiting to see what impact it has on the drum population. i already know what its gonna do to they clammers, oystermen and shrimpers :coffee
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By Woolybug25
I made a post in the politics page that went largely ignored. Unfortunetely, there are many on this board that will make this into a political rant. It's unfortunate and as a fisherman, there indeed should be outrage.

Anybody know if the Keys will be effected? I will be there in a couple months.
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By jerome
I am at a loss for words, honestly..other than helpless.. and thinking about just how fucked the gulf is now..

its fucking disgusting and terrifying. May not have been as bad if BP had not tried to cover it up before asking for help.

I would find it hard to believe if the Navy could not have closed it off, if they had been contacted.

Looking at Exxon stock, it may be a good time to buy all the cheap BP stock you can..... because it will go back up. :vomit
By upstanding
It's still if it hits the west coast of FLA...BP's carrier and BP will be in the largest Chapter 11 in the history of the bankruptcy code. BP here is old Standard Oil of Indiana then American Oil. Comparing Valdez and its Alaska impact to what is predicted with a south east wind and a wind shift west is comparing paying off my Visa card to paying off the national debt...

What kind of technology for shut off do the Norwegian's and Scott's have for north sea the BP north sea technology to their gulf shut off technology??
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By SageBrush
Possibly headed for the Gulf Stream and up the East Coast.
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anywhere the wind and currents take the shit will be affected. I am sure there is a out there to predict which way the slick will go. sorry about your vacation. Pa's nice this time of year, as a sideline we can fish with kate
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It's really beyond the pale. You won't hear the outrage until the shit is on a shoreline where folks live. Then the media will swoop in and we'll have more news than we could ever use. Interesting, and I think M.B. was the only one so far that eluded to it on some other thread (there seems to be bits and pieces about the gulf on 2 or 3+ threads all over), is the fact we're going into hurricaine season. Great, oil in a blender. At the current pace of leakage, it will take roughly 53 more days to equal the Valdez in total spilled. It takes 3 months + to drill a another well and plug this one up.
I feel really for you guys down there, and really it's a national shame. 25%+ of the nations wetlends, right there. Crazy thing is, the U.S. uses 1 billion barrels a year. You know how much "speculative" (or even call it confirmed) oil is out there along U.S. coastlines? About 1 billion barrels. So in the great drilling debate, keep in mind all we're risking for 1 years oil.
Alternatives aren't too flash either. That marcellus shale shit in PA and the Catskills is a kiss of death too...
I think as a country we have so much on our plate, and this is seemingly so heavy, that we kinda have our collective heads in the sand. If we ain't bitchin' about this and that at each other, now we have this :vomit
I hope this thinner oil does not have as bad of an impact, I'll be pouring a sip of Dawn today...
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By Woolybug25
#313457 wrote:anywhere the wind and currents take the shit will be affected. I am sure there is a out there to predict which way the slick will go. sorry about your vacation. Pa's nice this time of year, as a sideline we can fish with kate
Glad I got insurance on the trip. I will be watching the sat map like a hawk.
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By troutsmack
I am outraged too, we've got Americans dying for oil abroad and Americans dying stateside for it along with fucking up our natural resources. I feel hypocritical because there will never be a substitute for my American V8 full size pick up, and I'm not looking for one. We want that oil and most of us use it every day, unfortunately there can disastrous consequences, to our people and our environment.
So what's the real issue, using that oil, preventative measures, or how we handle it when it blows up in our face, literally?
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By P-A
Thats a fucking outrage and the only thing that the oil company
has tried so far is to put in fire? Those fucking buisness men
in there shiny fucking suites only thinking of making that
extra buck. Makes me sick!!
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By Outside Bend
The most infuriating thing to me is that we're helpless- it may be another three months before this situation is resolved. I'm not totally opposed to drilling, but if we don't have the technology or knowledge to clean up after ourselves or present this shit from it really worth it? :bomb

I'm not a saltwater biologist, but not only is hurricane season coming up, but isn't this also the time of year when everything's spawning and hatching, and the most vulnerable life stage for fish and other aquatic critters? And I can't imagine what record winterkill coupled with an oil spill and shitty spawn would have on FL and gulf coast fisheries...
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