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By ditchdoc
Yes, I bear some responsibility for this. I drive an internal combustion powered vehicle.

Some say gas should be 5-10 dollars a gallon. I can't afford that, and I don't know anyone who can. At those prices, our economy would come to a standstill. The ramifications are pretty much incalculable. Until we have a viable alternative, we are screwed.

I think the real responsibility lays at the feet of the companies who make their profits on fossil fuels. And also with governments which should be regulating and overseeing. This current disaster has been in the making for a long time. We've been lucky until now. As with Wall Street, we've let these businesses pretty much run themselves, assuming that they would do what is right. Well, look how that's worked out for us. It's proven, time and again, that we cannot trust Big Businesses to put the welfare of the country, the environment, and its' people ahead of profits for shareholders and executives.

So what do we do? Do we wring our hands and Pray for God to intervene to save us? Lot of good that will do. Or, we can demand that companies doing business live up to their responsibilities, and demand that our Government start doing its' job. I know. I know. "Big Government" SCAREY!! Well, who else we got? A Government is the only entity with the power to do anything to these shitheels.

This crisis, at hand, requires big government to jump in with the resources available to it (unlike what it did during and after Katrina) and do something besides fly over and take a look. Yesterday. The Army and Navy should be mobilized and someone has to take charge.

The only thing I can do, right now, is call my Congresspersons and demand immediate measures be taken to mitigate this disaster. The people of the Southern coast deserve nothing less than the absolute best effort--no bullshitting, no finger pointing. Just. Get. It. Done.

We can sort out who pays and who fries later.

Then, finally, get serious-and I mean Manhattan Project serious, about a viable alternative to fossil fuels. And my vote is hydrogen fuel cells.
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By The Volfish
I agree, its outrageous to think you'ld feel it necessary to spew your rhetoric in the wrong section.

I think the real responsibility lays at the feet of the companies who make their profits on fossil fuels.
Let's not over simplify this Ditch. My brother's company that he owns makes profits from fossil fuels. He works all over the world and employs a bunch of folks. He has about two more folks than he needs (for the last 2 years) and has kept them on because he can afford to and it it the right thing to do.
Not all folks who make a nickel off petrol are evil. Pretty sure the guys that died in that explosion were making good money.
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Debate Team, take you political observations on to the politics board. its got nada fucking thing to do with the slick and the damage its going to do. wait till /if the pebble mine goes thru and the shit hits the fan, who ya gonna blame?
WHat we should be concerned with is the eco damage,cleanup, and making sure emergency equipment is on constant standby which apparently it was not even close to being. :coffee
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By cantfishforshit
nemo wrote:We will all have plenty of time for blame. But what we need RIGHT FUCKING NOW is an engineer who knows how to fix a blowout preventer:

I will only make three "political" statements. I feel equally as strong about each one.

1) There are an awful lot of people screaming very loudly lately about how badly they want the government out of their lives. Then something like this happens, and they want the government to fix it.

2) Obama cannot call for an increase in offshore drilling one week, then come back a few weeks later and condemn that very industry because something went wrong. You are either serious about reforming energy policy or you aren't.

3) This is NOT like Katrina. Katrina was a natural disaster made much worse by a shitty response. This is a human-caused disaster made worse by an enormously wealthy oil company misleading us all about the scope of the spill and what was being done to contain it. In BOTH instances, the immediate response by our federal government was inadequate.

A) We want the government out of our PRIVATE lives...shit like this, they need to have the ability to deal with.
B) Obama can insist on safety valves/equipment that works
C) I agree
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By cantfishforshit
Volunteer opportunities: ... _HowtoHelp

To report injured or oiled wildlife, call 1-866-557-1401. To report spill-related damage, call 1-800,440-0858, and to inquire about volunteering, or to report oil on theshore, call 1-866-448-5816.

The Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board is connecting BP with fisherman looking to aid in the cleanup effort. If interested, call 281-366-5511 or e-mail,
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By BigTimber
nemo wrote:We will all have plenty of time for blame. But what we need RIGHT FUCKING NOW is an engineer who knows how to fix a blowout preventer:
.....and one that can breathe water.
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Lots of good perspectives today. It really isn't like Katrina, and this will play out politically. This time we have an entity to blame; BP. Let's face it, if Obama single handedly stuck his finger in the leak and stopped it, he'd be blamed for not doing it faster,etc. by the other party. And that would go both ways. The solutions, short term for Katrina were and are much easier for gov't. to handle. i.e. tents, tarps, accomodation,rescue of life,etc. The debate on how gov't handled Katrina has been blabbed about ad nauseum and belongs in the basement as thats a singular question about a single issue.
This is different, the public and private sector can't really do much. Say what you will about oil spills, this type is not common. Last one like it was in Mexico in 1979. Today, mother nature overuled any solid attempts at clean-up,etc. That's no ones fault, left or right. The solution itself is not gauranteed or even clear cut right now. And that sucks.
In terms of initial response, I think we all need to remember the timeline for this: 11 people died and the rig caught fire; it was not an "oil spill" for the first few days, it was a search and rescue/recovery. After a few days, when no life was found and the rig sunk, the media,etc. started to get into "oil spill" mode. Trying to remain objective, who honestly knew what was going to happen when the rig was just on fire? Who really knew (even the engineers at BP) that the shut off valve was faulty, or made faulty by the fire and rig sinking itself? Pretty complex and not clear cut.
Think of how we all feel, most of us on this thread are 100's + mile away, and then think about the catch-22 that some folks must feel along the gulf. Oil production has been a pillar of the economy, and I bet that most of the gulf gang here have friends/family that work directly/indirectly for oil. Yet, they also make their living off of the environment, fishing, guiding,toursim,etc. It's no wonder folks in the gulf aren't saying too much, it must be grueling to lose your livlihood while the industry your uncle Fred works in caused this. I don't wish that kind of vibe on anyone...[/size][/size]
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By Ty Webb
Woolybug25 wrote:I made a post in the politics page that went largely ignored. Unfortunetely, there are many on this board that will make this into a political rant.
Anybody know if the Keys will be effected? I will be there in a couple months.
Have fun in the keys, meanwhile I could be bankrupted by then along with thousands of other gulf coast small business owners. Let's see who politicized what....
Jed wrote:Thank you Geo W bush for allowing them not to install some major saftey equipment. The solution is nowhere in site and there has been almost nothing on this board.
that guy left office 15 months ago and never ever agreed to expanded drilling in the Gulf like our current President did.

Jed wrote: Fucking Assholes who think you can just drill baby drill and have no fuckin consequences. Sara Palin and her ilk should be impaled on the rhetoric of oil.
Call the White House and complain to them, I didn't vote for that guy but you did, I stand to lose hundreds of thousands into millions over the next few much will you lose ranting about my area from New England?

The last thing anybody down here needs now is dumbass advice from people who have no fucking clue about what has happened.
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By burgerthumb
This just in:
"Federal authorities banned commercial and recreational fishing in a large stretch of water off four states, from the mouth of the Mississippi River off Louisiana to western parts of the Florida Panhandle."

Jesus. Then there was a picture in the NY Times of a guy fishing in LA and he said he just wanted to be able to fish the area one last time.
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By Sakonnet
burgerthumb wrote:Jesus. Then there was a picture in the NY Times of a guy fishing in LA and he said he just wanted to be able to fish the area one last time.
Wow, I couldn't even imagine being in that position and saying that to myself.
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