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By ak_powder_monkey
[report]This time when the alarm went off, I actually got out of bed. No coffee, no food, just a quick shower, and scraping the ice off the windshield. The car starts on this day, another good one. I drive out the road, wondering what I would find. Just empty water is what I was expecting, maybe a dolly or two, but this is steelheading. I get to the flow and walk. I find the hole, you know the one, and look. I see nothing. I tie on a conehead Nicholai's Superfantastic Lip Spreading Wooly Bugger, my go to fly in a steelhead situation. The lip spreader is simply a black woolly with chartruse hackle and a bunch of blue flash in the tail. Nicholai designed this color combo for picky kings in clear water, so it follows that it'd catch picky steelhead in little creeks. I walk upstream to the head of the pool. HOLY SHIT thats a fish! This is where I fuck everything up, I just cast. I should have stopped and thought about it, should have studied the hole, should have done a lot of things. At any rate the fish moves, a mouth opens, I set... And watch my hook split the lips of the beast, he freaks, runs downstream. My fly sinks to the bottom of the pool. I keep casting, I saw a smaller fish. I lift the rod, holy cow there's a fish there! Immediately I know what it is, it jumps and runs for a log. My reel is loose I tighten the drag keep him out of the woods. Another jump, a head shake. A run, three jumps. I finally I'm able to lead him into a little pool and take a look. A few pictures and he's off.
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Cool stuff. :cool
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By Redchaser
Good job monkey nuts. Now if you can get the girl to part her lips for your wooly bugger you'll be in good shape :cool
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By Bobwhite
Way to go... ak_steel_monkey!
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By woolly bugger
good chit monkey
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By Redchaser
bump worthy
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