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slavetotheflyrod wrote:I like that caddis pattern, hows bout some closeups, or better yet a tutorial on that one? :cool
Yeah. I can set that up. Really it is just your run of the mill Elk hair Caddis but some migration on the materials. I have a cool extended body pattern that uses silicone so when I do that I will include the other. :cool
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By McH
you got the better half of the beer swap.
Beauty of a trip. :cool
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By Float Rod

Sweetness RaZ

Glad you had a great trip. awesome shots!
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By RaZ
credit for the nice pics goes to castingoutloud.

float- picked my provincial park for my trip in july. lake with lakers, smallies, pickerel and panfish.

need to find some flies to get deep enough for lakers, i have a full sink line.
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By Float Rod

Shoot me your address, I'll mail you some Laker flys.

July-August can be prime months to fish the shield lakes in that region, theromcline will be well established, Lakers hanging right on it.
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