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Great post. At least someone was catching fish in florida over the past few weeks.
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By Float Rod

God Bless you guys!

Very awesome thing to do LTD.

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By Cary
I will say this... on Day two, even with trout sets, complete and utter casting meltdowns, and an unintentional... um, soak, LDT put us on a couple a feeds and 2 jumped fish. All the while a 30-boat tarpon tourney was in progress that landed 4 fish and jumped another 2, for the entire fleet!

LTD is one fishy MoFo. if they are there, I'm convinced he will give you the best chance to put a bug in front of 'em. :cool
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By BigTimber
jdub wrote:
Cary small.jpg

Oops. I know the feeling. :)

:cool I concur with WB :cool

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