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By Bobwhite
Muddled Duck wrote:Congratulations and good luck. I'd offer some good marriage advice I received from my father, but I doubt you'd follow it any better than I.
Roger that... X2!

Have fun, laugh and prosper...
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By McH
Congrats to you and Mrs. Woolybug :cool
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By The Volfish
Good on you. Hope security has to ask you to hold down the noise!
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By Kyner
It was good knowin' ya Wooly, take care :cool

I play, I play

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By Vito
Congrats dude. :cool
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Salmotrutta wrote:I hope the plane blows up.
Hey "pillbox".........why don't you back to your hole?
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Salmotrutta wrote:With you also on it. Drug Dealer. :coffee
You're pathetic.
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Congrats wooly25. Enjoy the week! Enjoy your new world!
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By Blicero
Congrats dude, have a blast.

Besides the lovely nuptials and all that, having just about everyone you really care about, and who care about you, all in one room together, it's a good thing.
By thalweg
My advice is to get totally shitfaced and do the chicken dance with grandma.
:cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool
Best to you and your lady!
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