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By burgerthumb
Thank you for a truly inspirational post.
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By Bruiser
:cool :cool :cool That's awesome.

I'd encourage everyone who's able to do so - volunteer. Thalweg does not get paid $$ for that gig - in fact it's pretty clear that he spends his own money on those kids - and I bet he gets as much out of it as those kids do.

I've spent 15 days a year for 23 years with these guys

Next year I'll add 7 days in Aspen where I will be humbled by 20 paraplegic vets that I'll get to ski with.
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By Bad Fish
I believe this same trip last year got you a free ride from Gardiner. Totally awesome report. Wish we had something like this around here, I'd volunteer in a heartbeat.

Bandito's shot is great.

Thanks Thalweg, you made my day. :cool
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By berzerker
I ain't ashamed to admit I shed a tear readin' that post. Good work! It is soo easy to give on kids like that, glad you haven't. the lessons you are teachin' them can't be found in a school book. Awesome post.
This has to be one of the best Suck posts ever !! Hat's off to you and the others who helped . Good stuff my friend.
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By Gremlin

That has to be the best post I've read!

hats off to you! You have a big family by the looks of it.
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By tailchaser
Very cool

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The Kids Are Alright - TR

Ironman to son: Hold my other beer. :cool


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