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By Oldog
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By Ephemeral

That was a fantastic report and some wonderful photos. Thank you.

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By BearsFan
I feel like there was an Auburn - LSU game a few years back in Jacksonville. Met a bunch of Auburn girls at the bars in Tallahassee the night before, hot tail with amazing accents and great manners. They all invited me to come visit them in AL. Why havn't I gone yet? (probably because I would never come back).

Moral of the story, take lots of pics for us at the tailgates.
By thalweg
Good stuff Gp. Love those dollies.
Next time you two go up there I bet he takes you.
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By Gaper's Pimp
Met a bunch of Auburn girls at the bars in Tallahassee the night before, hot tail with amazing accents and great manners.
Yep, the two-legged scenery on that campus is quite nice. We were there for a game last fall and my eyeballs were bugged out on stalks. I have a feeling that the boy will forget his highschool girlfriend pretty quick once he arrives.
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By Float Rod
:bow :bow :bow


Awesome shots and story.

Thank you for sharing!!

All the best to your son. What a great Dad he has

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By Streamer
Oi loik the poik.
And everything else in this fabulous TR. Nice job of dadding. Your boy will never, ever forget that trip.

Good on ya.

Yer Pal,
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By Lurgee
Great stuff Tosh, you have added another strong deposit into the memory bank for your son. My Dad took me on a couple of low frills trips to upper Ontario when I was in high school and I can still vividly remember every minute of these trips as if they were yesterday. I have 1 and 3 year old boysright now and absolutely cannot wait to let the bribery begin! :cool
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By FredA
Wow. Very cool. I'm going to have to do Alaska again and do it right. On a scale of "the fishing was great" to "oh my god I can't believe how fucking awesome the fishing was!" I think I got the former. Looks like you guys got the latter. You two will be reminiscing about that trip for years to come. :cool
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By West Chester
Looks fucking awesome and love those underwater shots :cool
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By Sakonnet
"Alasker"... you'd do well in Bassachusetts with the accent. :cool

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