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By jerome
Some of you may have known my co-worker at Three Rivers Ranch Fly shop in Driggs,Idaho. He went missing yesterday after getting his clients to saftey. Please send thought and prayers out to his family. If you know any of the family,etc.. send your best wishes. More Info when I get it.
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By jdub

Hopefully there will be a good ending. That river is always tricky for me to row: the hydraulics of that much water (8,000cfs) is sometimes hard to estimate.
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By Lando
This is very sad news. I knew him quite well and I am in disbelief. He was a great guy and a hell of a fisherman.

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By Adams
Damn - I'm speechless.
What happened?
hey there

I'm shocked beyond belief...Rob is a good friend...and will keep him and his family in my prayers...

Damn. Between ID and AK there sure is a lot of tragedy lately.
it would seem they have gone from resuce mode to recovery now...

I will miss Rob and lift this prayer for his family and friends...

God of us all, we thank you for Christ's grace,
through which we pray to you in this dark hour.
A life we love has been torn from us.
Expectations the years once held have vanished.
The mystery of death has stricken us.
O God, you know the lives we live and the deaths we die—
woven so strangely of purpose and of chance,
of reason and of the irrational,
of strength and of frailty, of happiness and of pain.
Into your hands we commend the soul of Rob.
No mortal life you have made is without eternal meaning.
No earthly fate is beyond your redeeming.
Through your grace that can do far more than we can think or imagine,
Hear now our prayer for those who mourn and are heavy laden.
Give to them strength to bear and do your will.
Lighten their darkness with your love.
Enable them to see beyond the things of this mortal world
The promise of the eternal.
Help them to know that your care enfolds all your people,
That you are our refuge and strength,
You alone, God, make us to dwell in safety.
Help us to know the measure of our days, and how frail we are.
Hold us in your keeping. Forgive us our sins.
Save our minds from despair and our hearts from fear.
And guard and guide us with your peace. Amen.

Grace and peace... Rob

your servant in Christ

sounds like it happened right there at a boat ramp and there were witnesses? Damn,this really sux, those of you that know him stay strong. Things like this make me step back and take inventory, anything can happen.
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By Cary
This is hard to take. I've shared a few phone calls with Rob over the years. Very enthousiastic about his fisheries, generous to all. Its no suprise his final act was ensuring his guest's safety.

Hoping for a miracle.
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