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By crabtops
My wife is a photographer so she's always on the other side of the lens. I found a few of her on her facebook page though. Unfortunately most have my ugly mug.

Doing her thing

From our wedding this past June

Matching Pacific Bonito off Costa Rica. She's not an angler but indulged me and had a decent time.
Full disclosure, caught trolling hardware. These guys were meat fisherman and not interested at all in my flyrod. Ended up filling up their cooler for them to sell. That's another story...

Sweetie and the pooch on the couch

Let's see em.
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By Jed
No comment needed. I know who she is, quite well.

As for mine,
here you go. I could post pictures of my kids as they also make up part of my better half, and their companions but that gets to be a whole photo album so here is my wife of 32 years and still counting.
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Never tells me no.
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Ramcatt wrote:man it is so hard to find candy at 5pm on halloween
i get fucking bruce lee on this bullshit thread
FUCk that shit and fuck this diuche thread may be the death of the drake
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