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By Overcast
Although I have been out of touch for quite sometime, just checking in with a short report. Departed S.E. Alaska with more than luggage. The wife handed me papers for dissolution (WTF) and a short trip to the airport. So in the near future, some of you may take offense to what few replies I may, or may not make. I'm in shock,disappointment and anger phase (ha) but found that hiding behind my current situation is not working. Feel no sorrow for me, I'll take what I can, and find a new path.

The snow elevation was dropping fast and summer is over, time to travel and find some.
IMG_1615.JPG (170.28 KiB) Viewed 2313 times
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Fished the streams close by, with literally little results.
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Enjoyed some Montana Beef without being raped at the cash register.
IMG_1680.JPG (114.78 KiB) Viewed 2313 times
Been wanting to do some upland bird hunting for years and accepted an invitation by two good friends to kill some.
Traveled to the Dakota's and spent a full week waking to smell of dogs, stale lunch meat and mild hangovers.
Northern plains sunrise
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I take pity on the fez, with this dogs ability to find live, crippled or dead birds. Her tail would go into a helicopter spin and you better be on her tail because she's not waiting.
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German wire hair pointer. Named after the tank as in............ PANZER.
IMG_1713.JPG (234.61 KiB) Viewed 2313 times
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Maggie the cripple catcher. Dog had the nose for finding birds buried under just about anything, including other dead shit.
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This is how it works............. We find the birds because.......well, that's what we do.
We found your limit of Rooster's, and now you want us to line up, for a pretty Christmas card picture.
Fuck off, not gonna happen. Sincerely,
Glory,Bella and Panzer
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Weather changed dramatically from highs in the 60's, to low 20's, with an Alberta Clipper pushing cold air and snirt (aka) snow and dirt mixed with winds in excess of 60 mph.
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I have no idea where these tracks go, but just like life we really never know. I'm certain there will be bumps
in the road, nasty turns and unexpected delays, with no explanation but what the fuck. I'm on the train and it does no good to look back.
IMG_1720.JPG (81.29 KiB) Viewed 2313 times
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By Riverview
Shweeeet. :cool Thanks for that photo tour. Great pics and good looking dogs.
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By Springfed
Now thats a TR proper. Solid work there, love the mutts and ringnecks, and the bows aint bad either... :cool
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By truchajones
That's a Wirehared Griffon, not a German Wired Haired Pointer.

Get it right or pay the price.

Nice looking trip.
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By Yagerbomb
Sorry to hear about the dissolution. Couldn't give a fuck what kind of dogs you got there...great outing and pics just the same.
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By BearsFan
Rock Solid.
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