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By Hogleg
Solid TR right there, thanks for throwing that up. That's the way to keep on keeping on right there.
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By foureyedgeek
Nothing like a fine trip to keep the mind off of other distractions. Your pics tell the bird hunting tale well and nothings better than a happy dog.
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By McH
Hang Tough Brother! We're here for Ya :cool
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By Ozarkian
Dinner and tying material. Nicely done.
By blue ridge angler
great pics, and words..hang tough.. :cool
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By Bruiser
Sorry about the bad news Overcast. You have a great attitude however. Nice photos, dogs and birds too.
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By Bobwhite
Hey OverCast,

Awful sorry to hear about your troubles. Even when it's for the best, it's not easy. It looks like you got things figured out and you're on the right track.

I loved your trip report... well done.

Let us know if you're coming through Minnesota...

Bob & Lisa
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Great stuff man. That's positive energy right there... :Roll Eyes :cool
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By Ephemeral
That completely and totally rocked.

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By TheFlyRules
That was a superb lineup.

And Congrats!! That is what my best buddy told me when I was sitting in my office and the server guy came through the door. I never looked back. Tough shit to the hilt but you will come out stronger with Dogs, Pheasants and Fish!

I love that train track photo...really a great shot!!
By Kylemc
Awesome report. Good luck on the next step.

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